How the Gig-Economy Helps During COVID-19

How the Gig-Economy Helps During COVID-19

If there is one thing we’ve learned during this year, it’s how much our communities rely on the gig economy. And COVID-19 has opened a discussion on the vital importance of the gig workers within the UK. 


Giggers are the people who fit work in the space that exists between studying, raising a family or a part-time job.  There are as many reasons as to why someone does gig-work as there are gig-jobs. 


What the coronavirus lockdown has shown us is that Giggers can thrive wherever there is an opportunity. From stocking our shelves with the necessities, delivering parcels of food or books,  to working in call centres. While the country began to work from home, Giggers got out there filling in the gaps where needed.  


In fact, according to one study, 10 per cent of the UK workforce takes on some kind of gig-work from an app like Gigget at least once a week. And Giggers are recognised as essential workers in the UK. Our society needs Giggers. 


Covid-19 Safety for Gig Workers


For all the benefits of working the gig economy, there is a drawback that needs to be addressed: Giggers don’t get sick pay. This means gig workers are more likely to turn up for work when they are ill. 


In a global pandemic, this is a problem. But keeping COVID-safe and being a Gigger can work hand-in-hand. And Gigget aims to build a new approach to the gig economy. 


Part of the problem is that zero-hour contracts are often misused in place of a traditional employment contract. When gig workers can’t choose their hours and are subject to rules that cost them money, of course, they are going to work even when unwell. 


But when you can choose the hours you work, select the jobs you want to do, in a location that’s convenient, then you have the freedom to work as little or as much as you want. It means you can save up for the sick days. Or even take a much needed holiday. 


There isn’t anyone on Gigget demanding you be attached to the app all day on the off-chance a gig comes in. If you have a spare afternoon and want to earn some extra money, log onto Gigget and start searching for jobs. But we don’t tie you into unhelpful contracts. You work when you decide. 




While some gigs might be able to be completed remotely, others may need more practical skills. And for this, you may have to travel to homes and places of work. 


It’s important to us that the Giggers using our app are keeping themselves safe. We always advise you to wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, and keep a safe distance. 


Gigger Community


During the lockdown, we saw some fantastic communities coming together and supporting each other. As we’ve slowly re-emerged into the world, many people still need that support and Gigget wants to help provide it. 


Many people need to quarantine after travelling abroad. Gigget can help them get their groceries, or pick up treats from the shops. For the people still shielding, they may need odd jobs here and there which isn’t covered by the Government. And for all of us who have spent our lockdown in the garden, it’s nice to keep it looking good over winter. 


Being able to support the vulnerable within the community is one of the key aims for Gigget. Coronavirus has shown us how generous we can be within our communities. We want to carry on this good work and show how the gig community supports those around them who are in need. 


A happy combination


We know that our local communities need support from gig-workers. We also believe that Giggers should be able to choose when they want to work. This helps keep them and the community safe. Gigging has shown to be a critical role during COVID-19, and the need for Giggers is only going to increase in future. 


Giggers can be proud to know they can support others within their local area. We know we’re proud to support our Giggers finding work. 


If you’re looking for a simple way to boost your income with some work on the side, sign up to our app here. 

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