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Unlimited work possibilities

Gigget is an on-demand marketplace, matching nearby freelance odd jobs with trusted locals.
A convenient, innovative and friendly space that’s easy to navigate and use.

Gigget means 
convenience, freedom, safety

Simple and convenient
Post the odd job that you need doing.
Earn extra cash from local gigs.
Easy navigation based on skills and location.
No boss, no shifts, no limits
The freedom to be your own boss. Work gigs when you want and where you want. You set your own limits.
Safe Space
Gigget helps protects you every step of the way. Our helpful features include secure and protected transactions, user reviews, and verified Giggers.

Gigget helps you connect with the right people

Is your to-do list getting out of control and jobs to be done are building up? Gigget makes it easy for you to find the right trusted person to help. From dog walking, to getting the groceries.

Fixing up your garden or putting up that shelf. There’s a Gigger for every job in your area.

Or earn extra cash while helping people out by becoming a ‘Gigger’ yourself.

Are you wanting help? Or looking for work?

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